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Buy, Own & Sell Exclusive Access Passes To Cinema Quality Online Courses Taught By The Uppercent.

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The Uppercent Explained

We work with the top 1% (The Uppercent)

It’s our goal to help the top 1% of achievers share their knowledge effectively. The only way to become the best is to learn from the best.

We aim to produce cinema quality online courses

Our goal is to produce courses that are as enjoyable and immersive as Netflix.

These courses are accessible by exclusive tradeable access passes

Uppercent courses can only be accessed by purchasing an exclusive access pass to the course and there is a limited number of passes available for each course. Once you’re done with the course, you can resell your pass on the Uppercent marketplace.

Buying and selling exclusive access passes requires membership

Membership powers the Uppercent, and at the moment becoming a member is free...

Exclusive Access Passes

Access passes are… Ownable, Exclusive & Limited


When you buy an access pass, you own it & have the option to sell the access pass to another Uppercent member on our marketplace after you’re done with the course.


We only launch courses with the top 1% of achievers in their field & the only way the courses we produce can ever be accessed is by owning an exclusive access pass on our platform. 


Only a limited number of access passes are created for each course - 500 for example. If 10,000 students want access to a course, they’ll have to bid to buy one of the only 500 access passes available. 

Membership Is Required To Buy And Sell Exclusive Access Passes To Courses Taught By The Uppercent.
Here's what members get access to...
  • The chance to register for exclusive access passes for courses taught by some of the most talented people in the world.

  • Ownership of all exclusive access passes purchased.

  • The ability to sell access passes to other members on the Uppercent marketplace.

  • Access to Uppercent's private community so you can network with like minded people.

  • An assortment of free courses designed to improve and develop the mentality of Uppercent members.

  • Daily inspiration & motivation from the Uppercent

  • Ownership of all exclusive access passes purchased.

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To celebrate our run up to launch, we're handing out a limited number of free membership cards. We may increase the number of membership cards in the future as the Uppercent grows, but to start with the Uppercent will be for a select group of aspiring high achievers. 

Just a warning…

25% of membership cards have already been granted
Once they're gone, they're gone!

Best of luck!

Our Members

Discover some of our members.

Zack Chug
Creator & influencer

Zack Chug is a leading health & motivational creator who has amassed a following of over 1,000,000 within just 12 months. Zack’s growth put him in the top 400 instagram creators bracket in 2022.

Akshay Ruparelia
Forbes 30 under 30 entrepreneur

Akshay is a serial entrepreneur who has won multiple awards for a variety of ventures he has founded and/or been involved in.

Charlie Morley

Charlie is a leading UK Youtuber with over 390,000 subscribers. Charlie also creates sports based content on social media & combined with youtube, boasts an audience of over 500,000.

Lawrence Ong
COO, Creator & TedX speaker

Lawrence is the COO of Meld & also a top 1% personal development content creator with over 44,000 followers on Tiktok alone.

Leon Balogun
Professional footballer

Leon Balogun has reached the top of football, playing for his country & in the Europa League just last year with Rangers.

In The Press

Uppercent and Flare's partnership and game-changing mission has received huge momentum and support within the Web3 community. Take a look at some of the press articles written about us.